Beautiful and very helpful article, thank you!

I have a question about this quote:

"I don’t know what happened to that little girl. I don’t think that who she grew up to be was relevant to learning the path so many lightworkers have taken to be here during this time. I don’t know if she let her traumas dictate her life, or not. I don’t know if she dissolved them, or learned to work around them. Or used them in a way that gave value to them (turned to the dark), or allowed them to disable her.

I hope she either dissolved them or learned to work around them."

How can we learn to work around our trauma?

Thank you!



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Brilliant, thank you!

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Yes. That situation of falling into the light/dark paradigm is a problem and lightworkers need technologies to first, resolve the physical and mental trauma as best as posible and further to take their mindsets away from the victim-agressor cycle.

It is known that there are beings in the Between Lives Area that specialize in trapping beings on this planet ussing trauma. Reptilians, Mantids, Anunnaki (Marcabians).

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Thanks for sharing that story.

i'm immediately drawn to compare the situation of the child -- of a Lightworker who chose to be incarnated into what is undoubtedly one of the greatest denseness of Darkness on the planet -- a situation where babies endure torture from the moment right after their birth -- to the prediction you made at the end of 2020 about the 'Light Babies.' i am copying what i wrote to a friend on Dec. 21, 2020 about these 'Light Babies' you forecast to be born in 2021:


"Hi xxxx

Wondering if you watched Inelia's livestream on Saturday ? It was on: 'A Review of 2020 and an In Depth Look at 2021.'

"The most significant new info which she provided, as far as i was concerned, was that there will be new babies born on the planet who will embody the vibration and paradigm of Light: See at this time index: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0ZnNPPH6N4&t=2634s [now removed] and that these many new incarnations to the planet will bring in much new Light for the whole planet -- but unfortunately these "Light Babies" will only hold these high frequencies between the time they are born and when they are vaccinated -- and many will not make it after that. Also these babies will characteristically be born to families who have agreed to follow the Dark paradigm of power-over-others. Inelia cautioned Lightworkers not to fall into the saviour/martyr energy (and drop their own frequency) to try and save these babies because these children will have come in knowing exactly what the situation will be and what their purpose here, is.

"Earlier that morning (about 6 hours before Inlelia's lifestream) i had the following dream:

"i found myself in a quite large elevator with shiny stainless steel walls (like a freight elevator). The doors started to close and it got completely dark, but at some point i unexpectedly found a tiny baby (smaller than any baby should be) on the floor of the elevator. My first thought was that i needed to find the mother or family whose baby this was. But i do recall that at one point i couldn't see since it was completely dark (i don't recall this happening in a dream before -- not being able to 'physically' see). i was afraid that the elevator would go up to another floor where i would have much less chance of connecting this baby with her/his rightful caretakers. But the doors of the elevator reluctantly opened and there to the left was a family which i assumed must be the one. When i gave the baby to the mother, suddenly it went dark again (like my eyes didn't work properly). i was still concerned that this family might not be the right one to take the baby (even though they probably were the ones whose baby it was). The baby seemed like it was OK, and not injured, nor sick or in danger with this family (the group aspect of this family seemed to stand out, like i was relating to a group not an individual). From my own personal opinion, i would consider this a low-vibrational group, but i knew i was in no position to take care of a baby and so i left with a feeling that all was as well as it could be.

"So this dream was a confirmation of Inelia's information about the Light Babies coming in -- starting in January she said. i believe that this must be for real and that it is important.

"i'm not sure what effect the Light Babies would have, or what all the new Light in the midst of Darkness on the planet would accomplish. i mean in my dream, it was an uncommonly small baby in an uncommonly large dark elevator. But maybe my going temporarily blind in the dream might be a sign to not assume anything (ie. to not "see" only what i believe might be the case). This sure is puzzling and i just hope these very brave souls coming in are welcomed and their Light honoured and not abused.

"One would think that it would better that these Light Babies be born into high vibration families -- who might not get them vaccinated and also who would understand how to care for them and honour their purpose, but both Inelia and my dream indicated that these would be low vibrational families.

~ petra"


i appreciate that the story you shared happened years before the covid vaxx (even though there probably was already a childhood vaccination program in place, even at that time).

But the question remains -- whether these 'Light Babies' (in either case -- the one in the story or the ones you predicted to be born in 2021), were actually doing anything that was against the intention of their Lightworker souls ? i believe there might be a 3rd possibility to the 2 you describe: "There is a big difference between someone who stepped into one of these cycles or situations out of ignorance about what darkness is, and those who have been playing with the cycles and darkness out of informed choice." -- the 3rd being that the primary, if not exclusive, purpose of a 'Light Baby' is to just bring in a huge amount of Light that would be impossible to bring in through a normal incarnation, in some extremely Dark situations happening on the planet.

If these predicted Light Babies in 2021 chose to come in -- into the Darkness at the heart of the plandemic, it seems to me that they intended only to deposit their pure Light -- as 'Light Bombs' -- where and when it would make the most difference, perhaps to keep the collective from total collapse. If they weren't concerned that they would soon die from the vaxx, they probably also weren't concerned that they became caught in the victim cycle if they survived. It seems like it was a price they were willing to pay. Or maybe chosen from the soul level, it wouldn't even be a karma-entrenching victimhood (?) The fact that there seems to be a definite qualitative relationship between the temporal state of Darkness at the heart of the plandemic and the situational one of the unprecedented abuse of newborns -- suggests that in both cases, the incoming souls' intention was only to drop their 'Light Bombs' into extreme Darkness, with no expectation to do any further Lightwork.

With the baby in the story, it even seems significant that you, your mother, the adoptive parents (that were already known to your family), as well as social services, and now the readers of your e-mail -- all have become aware of the level of abuse happening with that baby -- implying that the 'Light Bomb' had an effect. Of course we still need to determine if that was the type of effect that changed things on a collective level towards the Light.

On a personal note, it's interesting that as i searched for and retrieved the e-mail i copied above, i read again the dream of mine about my own connection to the Light Babies, and remembered that i was going weirdly blind in the dream -- since lately i've been experiencing blindness in the present, probably from glaucoma. (i'll get my definitive diagnosis on Friday from my Ophthalmologist regarding the tests i did last week.)

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