Wow, great article and insights. It's nice to hear an independent description of what many of us have experienced, knowing something is "very off" in this world from very early ages. Heartening discussion to help us reframe our life in the face of what appears to be a doom loop approaching.

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Quite an interesting article touching the essential topic of how we can influence the creation of now. However, one thing I can´t figure out is how this affect the timeline(s) within the split. Will it still be the one and the same timeline for all humans to co-exist in, but with a different perception of the experiences based on the level of love/fear (frequency) each real human has?

Only the true masters of living in the now will thrive after 2030 in a scenario like that, Masters of Mind, surviving by living on light in small high frequency communities, watching the comets crash into the planet in the final divine reset, where a small group of remaining light beings prepare mother earth for another go at hosting a new civilization of humans from scratch. Again.

Just a hypotetical scenario. Perhaps. Any other thoughts?

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