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We, the Lecturians read everything. From physics to metaphysics. And while reading about lucid dreaming, we are commonly daydreaming. The “well known podcaster” state is of no surprise if he intentionally feeds the Bug that flights at night. Maybe the final chapter of “The 13th Mage” would eventually open up to him one day, as all Lecturians deserve.

In the meantime, here are some hints (as we are used to) we can call them “The Lecturians cook book for the Ship trip”:

1. Set the stage (while getting asleep). You can fill your awareness with something peaceful and loving. E.g. Angels, Dolphins, Birds or Unicorns (to inspire flight), Arcturians or Big Cats (to improve capability of guardians of Truth and Freedom). Woo hyperspace for though is vast. Far beyond just fallen Bugs and Dragons (technology and fight).

2. State your intention clearly if you mean it. E.g. “I wish to dream lucidly” or “I am going to remember everything”.

3. Spoiler alert: once you are on the Ship try to look back. Is there really any fog to scratch?

And, finally a (contextual) reading tip for Lecturians: “Dark Room Enlightenment”.

See you on the other side. Possibly in the “Matrix, Simulations and the Soul sharing practice hall”. Until then, have a blast!


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Thank you, Marek!

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Great hearing the follow up story from the original podcasts on this subject. Fascinating!

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We recorded the podcast of this essay today, should see it soon. if you are wondering where to listen, TYPE "woo for thought podcast" in your search bar, and you'll find lots of places to listen. Or https://video.ineliabenz.com and watch us...

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