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i disagree with this concept of completely reclaiming one's incarnation down to the moment of conception. i think it could even be seen as part of what the globalists are attempting to do -- to first deny the essential natural experience of gestation in the womb of your mother, and then replace it with their techno-womb idea where everyone begins their indoctrination of existing only through the auspices of Big Brother.

Carlos Castaneda's writings on the sorcery practices of the Toltecs, reveal how a woman has many more energetic connections than a man, those extra ones being in her womb. It is these energetic connections that support the foetus, until just before the baby's birth, when the Body Elemental, which has made an agreement with the incarnating soul, takes over, to provide support of the body's autonomic functions. It also serves as an "Unconscious" for the person's psyche, since our world is a Light-Dark reality, and the psyche needs a repository to temporarily store dark and traumatic memories, until they can be properly processed, this whole process being necessary until the psyche (in an ideal situation) brings itself into individuation.

While we are in our mother's womb, we are not yet part of the the world with its rules of consensual reality, even though the soul has made a commitment to its future life there, and the mother has also made one to support you, not just while in her womb, but in preparing and empowering your psyche at each new stage of development in your future life. There are a multitude of stages after successive transitions, involved in building a fully empowered "Incarnation" including what the Jewish tradition honours at the Bar and Bat Mizpah at age 13 -- which is a separation from the energetic field of your parents. Until then you, in effect, utilize the personality structure of your parents, as well as their ancestral lineages.

Earlier in life, our psyche is 'set up' for attachment to objects of nourishment and at a later stage, to release those attachments towards a more self-empowered experience. This is how the child learns love without attachment. Around age 7, our Self undergoes a shift, and we exchange our Self's ability to connect with the spiritual world, for its focus on the outer world of society. In an enlightened society however, there would not be such a sharp distinction between outer and inner realities.

Also the transition of birth itself is a very important one. My landlady is an alternative midwife and claims that anyone who has been birthed by caesarian, has not really been born. Indeed, Arthur Janov in the 1970s created Primal Therapy, where re-experiencing without restraint, all the movements, sensations and emotions of one's birth (which are still stored by the Body Elemental), can act as a re-set of a traumatized and disempowered psyche. According to Janov, releasing the "primal scream" the body still holds -- and which underlies all the later emotional issues of the person -- acts a basic empowerment function -- which can be utilized at any time by the person. So it's not that we can just become automatically "empowered" per se, but we are empowered through having the ability of calling in our body's natural resources, as well as our mind's and soul's wisdom, to more and more situations in life.

Also i learned from a doula, how there are so many aspects to a natural birth and what the medical system has discarded as irrelevant, are actually important parts of the process, i.e. after birth, the baby is covered with a substance important for their protection which should not be washed off. i have also heard, as Kurtis said, that the umbilical cord should not be cut until the placenta has been birthed, and this can possibly relate to all the energetic connections that the Toltecs know exist in the womb, and which must be properly disconnected through the birth of the placenta, rather than the premature cutting of the chord.

Also the civil and personal rights movements of the 1960s and 70s, established certain truths both spiritual and legal, one being women's inalienable right of "Our Bodies Ourselves." Of course this a truth for every person, but with a woman, it means she has full authority over her reproductive functions, including abortion, and no one can interfere, even if they disagree with her particular choice. Basically it legally affirms a spiritual truth already there -- that in an incarnation the mother has full authority in the gestation and birth process. Even astrology takes the moment of birth, rather than conception, as the point where planetary influences begin -- and this seems in line with the fact that the Body Elemental only comes in to join with the foetus' soul just before birth. And Rudolf Steiner's claim is that it is through the Double (aka Body Elemental) that planetary and stellar influences are apprehended. So in regards to self-empowerment, each person has to also acknowledge the agreement their soul has made with their mother's soul -- of maintaining the gestation and birthing process and then providing love and support during childhood. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending how you look at it) the souls of parents and those of their children are usually bound together through karmic agreements, which colour (or assist in resolving (again the dichotomy)) -- the empowerment process of all concerned.

This position of staged empowerment may be seen as being contrary to an idea of full empowerment at every point in one's incarnation, but i feel it reflects the natural cycles of incarnation on this planet. There is much we still don't know about incarnation and empowerment, including how the relationship between soul and Source figures in. Why do those who have a specific mission for the planet, benefit in taking over a declined incarnation of another (as in a "walk-in") even at the point just before birth, as it would not provide the benefit of 'walking-in' to an already established life in adulthood, from which the mission could then immediately begin ? All it would seem to provide, is a head start of 9 months. Perhaps a walk-in at birth, somehow prevents a loss of connection to Source that normally happens during the full course of the gestation period ? And thus this maintenance of connection to Source, could be the special empowerment it provides to a walk-in done at birth, rather than coming in naturally at conception and losing it ? But in such a situation, of walking-in at birth, where one has not even undergone the full in-womb period, it would seem unfounded to lay claim to "empowerment from point of conception" later. At best this would be like appropriation of a 3rd party agreement -- one that the declining soul had made with the mother's soul to incarnate.

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I started listening to Kurtis around 4 years ago. He is not easy to listen to but the gravity of what he is saying can be profound at times. He seems to be one of the few who are trying to get underneath all that has been done to us, legally, energetically, generational trauma-wise, historical deception, religious deception..I can't even all the ways. Definitely expanded my mind on many fronts. Thanks for sharing the exercise, I had not listened to Crrow777 lately. I think I will try this also! Thanks for the great article.

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Wow! Speaking of going to Noah and back! What a powerful podcast and claim

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