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Very interesting ! i think these 'super coder' mystics might also be called meta-coders. Meta means 'about', or the level above the code, in this case. i'm not a coder, but i did write some code when i worked at a university, code for the early computers built around the Motorola 6502 Microprocessor, like the Commodore PET and Apple II. Compared with what simple logic circuits were able to do, even these early microcomputers seemed like something from sci-fi in the early 80s.

Coding, in some sense, is like composing a letter -- given the same details to convey in the letter, each administrative assistant tasked with writing it, will do it a bit differently based on their own personality. Each coder's particular personality also becomes evident in how they structure the code and what subroutines they use, since there are different routes to take to accomplish the same end result. If there is a bug (an inherently improper coding sequence), or an embedded virus (a deliberate intent to do other than what the overall function of the code does), it can become evident at the higher meta level for those who spend a lot of time coding and who also have the mystic gene of knowing the meta level of reality.

In some sense, this meta coding ability could be compared with that of a psychometrist, a clairvoyant who is able to pick up the vibrations in an object, pertaining to a particular person who once held or possessed the object, and what they did in time-space. Like a psychometrist is 'fractured' by seeing not only the physical object, but also the 'other' anti-particle trail left by someone who held once it, so the meta coder is able to trace the intent about the writing of the code, at the antiparticle level.

These good coders are essentially good meta code readers -- in that they can intuitively see the intent behind the code displayed in front of them -- not just at what the code does at the machine level, but what the intent is for it to do to the user.

It is also interesting to consider code written by AI -- and if a super coder might be able to see the meta level in it -- what that might look like for them. Would they then, in effect, be looking right into the alien mind matrix ?

A book written by a Romanian secret service agent https://www.amazon.com/dp/1937859223/ describes advanced technology used to assist and enhance remote viewing by a human operator. It relates how code in the operating system for the device can enable a dark entity in the anti-particle side of reality, to influence the functioning of the device at the meta-level -- and thus how the device would work with the intention of the human operating it. It's an idea that on the antiparticle side, which is like a parallel reality to ours -- computers, all digital devices in fact, are accessible and influenceable to negative beings and forces existing there.

A traditional curse placed on a physical object can influence anyone holding it, only if they have an appropriate access point in their personality -- like a psychological trauma -- and dire outcomes in their life can occur as a result. If however, a similar occult construct to a curse is created at the meta-level of computer code, this 'digital curse' can be then be included in the code for an O/S (by writing code with a particular meta-intent). When the code for the O/S is finished, it can then be simply duplicated millions of times and installed in each new iPhone. This is the advantage of a digital curse (or mind-virus like the Wetiko known to indigenous peoples) over a traditional 'analogue' one which needs to be put on each specific object at a time.

In a way then, all people using an iPhone would be considered capable of being 'meta readers', like super coders are in writing the code and consciously also reading the meta code to find bugs or viruses. Average users of digital devices however would mostly be -- UNconcious meta code readers. Maybe at the beginning of the digital tech revolution, there weren't many good meta code readers (conscious or unconscious ones), but as time has gone on, this ability was passed in DNA and evolved through the morphogenetic field/ 100th monkey effect, to where now most people are good, even super meta code readers.

Could this effect of being influenceable through the meta level of code running your devices be likened to a 'neuralink' for accessing the brain directly and implanting subliminal messages and propaganda, but w/o the need of a physical technology ? Like the code at the normal level operates the functions of the device and presents the unique data received by the device -- to the user in palatable format, the meta level code inherent to the O/S would also facilitate the particular meta intent behind each set of digital data -- to be easily subsumed by the unconscious of the user. Could most of us now be, in fact, like mind-controlled Manchurian Candidates waiting in a state of unconscious readiness, to be activated by a phone call from Control giving us the meta code word to spring into action ?

One interesting trick that the Romanians apparently used to prevent the dark influence over digital code, coming from the anti-particle side of reality -- was to write the code in sacred geometric forms.

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